3 Ways to ACTUALLY relax

Hey guys, I hope you’ve all got that Friday feeling – I definitely do!! So I wanted to give you guys some tips on how to actually relax, because I definitely struggled with this up to recently.

So we all have certain things we do when we want to relax. It may be scrolling through Instagram, watching T.V or listening to music etc…

Do you ever find yourself anxious, stressed or uptight even when you haven’t had a tough day at work or college? Maybe this is because the things we do to relax, aren’t truly allowing us to totally let go and take a moment to ourselves. I know, I am guilty of it myself, we all are! Scrolling through Instagram or binge-watching Gilmore Girls always sounds appealing – but afterwards I have found that I am more tense than I was before… It is because instead of giving our brains a second to digest the day, we are filling it with other people, other information, more ‘stuff’. So here are a few tips to ACTUALLY relax:

1) Leave your phone outside your bedroom

I know, this one i actually laughed at myself the first time I heard it, but I PROMISE it works. We all get into bed with the intention of falling fast asleep – but most of us end up on our phones for the next hour or so. Studies have shown that this means it takes us ten minutes longer to go to sleep. Now that I have applied this tip to my life I can honestly say I feel SO much more relaxed and I get an overall better sleep.

2) Go for a walk

Now this is one that is always told to you, and if you’re anything like me, I never took the advice until the last couple of months. Things can get so hectic in life that getting out of the situation to gain perspective is often as easy as taking a stroll down the road. Not only do walks allow you to relax and take a moment but they are also a great time to re-evaluate situations or even just your day. The silence, fresh air (and lack of social media!!) really makes it that much easier to let go of everything and simply be.

IMG_7760.jpgBarna Woods, Galway – featuring my dog Riley 

3) Meditation

Meditation is often misunderstood because of the barbaric portrayals of it in movies or social media. I think it is only recently that people have realised how useful it is in our daily lives. We all get so caught up in comparing ourselves to others, but meditation allows us to focus on ME. I was introduced to Meditation while I studied in New York, where we did it every class (three classes per day). At first I found it a bit bazaar, but after a couple of days I felt my body fall into the ground, totally relax and for those 45 minutes I was totally at ease. It sets you up for a good day, which is half the work.

IMG_0677.jpgThe Plaza, New York, 2015

I really hope you found this helpful! Please comment and let me know what you thought.

Yours calmly,




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