I honestly feel like Snapchat has taken over social media totally. I for one totally depend on Snapchat for the daily updates on both my friends and my favourite bloggers/snapchatters. I just love how real and unfiltered it is, unlike Instagram or Facebook these days, two apps that are being opened less and less each day by me. So here are 5 of my favourite Snapchatters:

1) @retroflame1

Erika Fox runs a blog called Retro Flame, snapchats daily, Instagrams, vlogs and lives in New York at the same time. I love her Snapchat because her snaps are unfiltered, genuine and she doesn’t talk about nothing. I find these days that a lot of the blogging community have forgotten why they have followers. We follow because we want to hear about products, fashion, countries etc and Erika informs us, while keeping it entertaining with her different social media platforms. She is also really responsive which is such a lovely aspect in a blogger especially considering how big the industry has become. Plus, her organisational skills will give you lifeee.

2) @FacesByGrace23

Grace Mongey is a daily snap chatter, mother to Sienna  Harper and a lovely girl. Her snaps are so real, and so Irish! If you love hilarious people you have to follow her! She says it how it is, doesn’t sugarcoat and still informs us on all good products she uses on a daily basis. Plus all of her meals look amazing, and she often does some ‘how-to’ cooking.

3) @rosieconnxxx

I love Rosie’s snaps because every product that she has recommended that I have bought, has lived up to the standard she set it at. She posted a photo a couple of days ago on her snapchat and Instagram without makeup, totally unfiltered. She spoke about how insecure and scary it is to come on camera without makeup or a filter etc. It is so hard for girls to live up to the unrealistic standards some bloggers set these days, so it was truly refreshing to see Rosie set a good example for young girls these days. Not only did she say it was okay to come on camera without makeup, but she also set a great example to girls about being proud of yourself, embracing yourself and your  so-called ‘flaws’.I have followed Rosie for quite a while now and it isn’t the first time she has started a conversation like this, which is what all bloggers should be doing in my opinion.

4) @Niamhos21

Niamh is an Irish blogger living in New York. Her blog Cinnamon Soul is definitely my favourite blog ever! She is absolutely hilarious and so very very Irish! Her snaps are very real, unfiltered and she is able to just have a laugh which is what we all really want in the end isn’t it? I always end up feeling motivated to start my day after reading her blog and her snapchat is no different. Not to mention, she is such a lovely girl!

5) @cartermarissa

Marissa Carter, where to start! Well for one, her sheer success in the industry would make you want to follow her immediately! She is constantly encouraging and giving people advice on Snapchat. She really does keep it real. I went to her Masterclass in the Shelbourne hotel only to realise that she is even more lovely in person. I am sure you are already following her, but if not you definitely should be.

                                       Marissa’s Masterclass, The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin

I hope you like this post!

Let me know if you add any of these girls, or are already following them,

Snapchat @basicchic17




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