Why I travelled across the country twice in one month.

Hello, hello – apologies for the lack of blog posts I have had  a hectic couple of days to say the least! Traveling up and going to college in Dublin can seriously take its toll!

In the last few weeks our family have gotten two new puppies, Riley and Bailey

Riley Gilmore

Then just the other day we decided to add another addition to the family – Benjy

Benjy Donoghue

So why did we travel across the country to get these pups you ask? 3 Reasons:

My first King Charles was Robbie and I have spoken about him on the blog before. Without sounding soppy or rehearsed, Robbie taught me what no person ever could.

To love unconditionally.

Robs loved everyone he met – woman, child, man, alien – it didn’t matter. He was a dog (as much as he wanted to be human!) and dogs love people because of their hearts not their appearance. Robbie saw me on my worst days – it was definitely my heart he loved, haha!

To forgive

No matter how many times I told him he could not have any more of my cupán tae, or how many times I teased him with my Chinese take out – he still loved me. He always forgave me and licked my hands to try get whatever remains of the Chinese he could lol. He taught me that forgiveness isn’t about an apology, or a mistake – it’s about mutual love.

To have faith in myself

To be perfectly honest, I have no explanation or proof for this one. Robbie was my best friend, and I simply knew he believed in me. Over the seven years, and especially after he passed away – I began to realise what he saw. I can do anything. He could do anything. You can do anything, if you love yourself and have faith. I know it sounds cliché and cringey to say the least, but everything happens for a reason.img_00181514614_10200933509055432_8897268061272377602_n

I know this post is a bit shorter, and a bit random – but I want to keep it real and this is what is happening in my life. I hope it has helped yours.

Snap me any questions or feedback: basicchic17 




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