How I prep my skin

Hello, Hello Happy Wednesday! I actually can’t believe it is mid-week already and Friday is almost here! Hope the week is going smoothly for you all.

Today I set up a poll on Twitter and the majority of the votes were for this blog post, but definitely let me know if the others interest you and I’ll get working on them soon!

Just a disclaimer – this skincare routine is for my skin type, and you must research the product ingredients, especially if you have sensitive skin!

I usually have 4 steps to my skincare routine, but it may vary depending on what I think my skin needs that day.

Step 1

I cleanse my face using the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser. It is such a good product and almost leaves my skin feeling plump after using it. I was advised to make a lather in my hands before applying it on the face, and to wash it off with warm water to open the pores for further products. A 75ml tube is €10 from Debenhams, which is so affordable especially for a Kiehl’s product!


Step 2

I always make sure to use a serum. Serums are great products because they ensure the products following it seep into the skin more, which ultimately makes the best of the products you are buying. Im sure you will all agree when I say to never waste products, especially when they are expensive! I use the Lancome Advanced Genifique Serum. However, I was given loads of samples, so I haven’t had to purchase it just yet. It is great, but you could definitely get something else that does the same job, for half the price!


Step 3

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! I cannot stress enough how important this is! Often times people with oily skin think they don’t need moisturiser because their skin is oily enough… that is not true! Your skin could be overproducing oil because of the lack of moisturiser you use! I use the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream and absolutely love it. It leaves my skin almost tacky but not sticky. It looks so refreshed and moisturised. If you’re putting makeup on afterwards, it allows it to glide on seamlessly. I love it!


Step 4

I use a face mask every second day, depending on what my skin needs that day. Once a month I do two-three facemasks in a row… just to spoil myself! It is a lovely thing to do, especially after a stressful month and using the right facemasks can really make you feel so much more awake and relaxed. Bubble up the bath, take out the chocolates and have an hour to yourself, we deserve it!

I am dry to normal, so the Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Second Skin Mask is the best for my skin! (Even though it is SUCH a mouthful!) It is honestly incredible, and I have tried countless facemasks, but none leave my face looking as refreshed, plump and hydrated! It is the DREAM facemask, but is definitely pricey! However, I am telling you now – you are getting value for money which is what I’m all about! Although it says once a week on the package I was actually advised to use it once per month because it is very effective!


Another facemask I love is the GLAMGLOW Gravity Mud Firming Treatment. It was all over Instagram and Snapchat for a long time, but I don’t usually obey by trends at the time – so I was late jumping on this bandwagon. I never usually invest in expensive products like these, unless I have heard really good reviews from Youtubers, Bloggers or friends! It is really incredible, and leaves my face looking really awake and revitalised.


I really hope you liked this post, its a long one but it was highly requested!




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