A year for ‘me’

Back in September I walked up the steps to a big scary building to attend college. I went to study a course that I in fact knew I didn’t love or have a passion for. I always felt pressured to do a very academic course, not by anyone in particular but by society as a whole. It seems for some reason that unless you’re doing a science or an arts degree you’re pretty irrelevant in Secondary School. I have always wanted to do Drama or Make-up but those subjects were never praised in school. I am not blaming anyone for the college course I chose, but I do think that society has a big part to play in any child’s life, especially in school.

Anyway, I ended up LOVING college and everything about it – the opportunities, the food, the societies, the nights out – everything except my course. I just couldn’t sacrifice completing a degree that I had no interest in for a couple of nights out and a froyo at lunch.

So I took the plunge of making myself happy. I decided to disregard everyone’s advice to ‘stick it out’ and ‘finish the year and see how you go.’ I knew what I wanted and this was not it!

So now, four months later I can honestly say I could not be happier. Not only do I have all the opportunities in the world, but I am so proud of myself for being brave enough to do this. (WHY do we all find it so hard to say we are proud of ourselves?) I am now studying Makeup, something I have wanted to do forever! As you can probably tell I love lists! Here are a couple of things I’ve learned during my ‘Year For ‘Me’ so far.

      1. Being happy is easier than you think

ALL you have to do, is STOP MAKING EXCUSES. For two months during college, I made up excuses as to why I should stay in the course and do what society wants me to do. If you stop doing what you need and start doing what you want in life you will be a MILLION times happier.

     2.  There is life outside school/college

For so long the Leaving Cert was portrayed as the most important event of your life. Years went by and we were told that our studies were a priority, over sports, drama or hobbies. I realise now that that is so untrue and completely ridiculous! Once you start focusing on what your dream really is, it all comes together. If your dream is not to go to college that is fine! If your dream is to go to college and become a doctor that is fine too! I just really wish I was told years ago that school/college is not your life. It is a stepping stone, if that is the direction you want to go in! There are so many other paths, you just have to find yours.

     3. Finding the right friends

It can be difficult to make friends, especially at a young age. We are constantly changing and growing into different people, learning new things, changing our attitudes and having ‘friends by circumstance’ is really convenient. When you are taken out of your normal environment be it school, college or work we could find ourselves wondering who our real friends are. ‘Friends by circumstance’ and real friends are two very different things. I have learned so much about having/keeping in touch with friends over the last couple of months. In society, girls are so pressured to have a huge group of friends where everyone gets along and everyone likes you. That is never the case, because you will never please everyone. Even if you are Mother Teresa people will find a reason to disregard you. Finding those two or three friends that know you better than anyone and would drop everything for you is all you need. But remember, you need to love yourself before anyone else can.

Also, without this year I would not have built up the courage to start this blog and have faith in myself. Taking time for you is so important and you never know where it might lead you!



This ‘Year for Me’ has started me on the right path to loving myself, being happier and in the wise wise words of Kylie Jenner, ‘realising stuff.’

Although it may not be a whole year (I was just being greedy), taking time to focus on the things that make you most happy in life may lead you to a brighter and more self-fulfilling life ahead.












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