My Favourite Single Eyeshadows

Hey guys! I hope you all have that Friday feeling because today’s post is a good one. Eyeshadows are one of the beauty products that I am super particular about, for so many reasons. I am sure we have all experienced a time when you set out to do a particular eye look and it just isn’t turning out right. It either is too patchy, or not blending correctly or simply not how you expected.

Well today I wanted to share with you guys a few single eyeshadows that I can always depend on, because they just never disappoint! With these eyeshadows you are almost guaranteed the look you are going for. All of these eyeshadows are from Makeup Geek. It is not sponsored, I use these products for two reasons: 1. They are very affordable and I am all for that life. 2. Their formula is second to none for the price. They are bendable, creamy and pigmented.

1. Desert Sands

This is honestly my DREAM transition shade. It is warm, pigmented and very bendable (as are all of the shades, I’m just not a cool coloured type of girl). I will say that out of all the shades, this one has the most kick-back, which is weird to me because none of the others do. Having said that, I can manage a bit of kick-back for the dream colour.


2. Cocoa Bear

This colour is just a perfect deep brown, to darken up the outer crease. It also give the eye so much more depth because it has a slight red undertone in it. It is perfect for almost any skin tone and is such a versatile shade. This is actually the only one I hit pan with, so I am on my second in two months!


3. Bitten

This, along with Desert Sands would be the two I would bring to a desert island with me (I’m so punny). This one is GORGEOUS especially on people with green eyes, like me. I could actually write a book about this shade. It does have some kick-back, but when you’re developing a shade that has some red in it, that is expected. It is almost impossible to develop a red without kick-back. This one – you NEED. It is so creamy and easy to blend, so you don’t get that chalky, patchy look like with a lot of other eyeshadows on the market.


4. Frappe

This colour is a very neutral shade. Not too much grey, not too warm either. It is perfect for every eye colour and skin tone. It is probably the most universal shade in the collection. This is gorgeous even by itself all over the lid. I use it mainly as a transition shade, and because it is so neutral you can pop on any colour over top.


5. Grandstand

Does this colour not just give you the feeeeels? I genuinely smile every time I see this colour (yes, I am aware, I am a loser). It is so metallic even by itself, but if you pop some Fix+ from M.A.C it takes it to the next level. It is such a gorgeous champagny, pinky foiled eyeshadow. It is a foiled eyeshadow so fallout is expected – but it doesn’t have any. Music to any girl’s ears. No fall out from a foiled eyeshadow?!?!? – Makeup Geek have some magic potion in their labs, I’m convinced.


6. Poppy

This colour, I have used the least out of the six – but it is in the list for good reason. If you are like me and keep to your neutrals, having a colour like this in your palette is a great idea, because it inspires me to get out of my comfort zone!  I absolutely love this shade, because it is the one pink that doesn’t make me look crazy. I find that if you use a pink, and especially if you bring it up too high in the crease you can start looking like a clown. Not with this one, and it will be used and abused as we come into the summer months.


If you are from Ireland these shades can be purchased from Beauty Bay. I think these pictures are much more ‘true to colour’ than the pictures on the site.

I hoped you liked this post. Eyeshadows are something I am very passionate about so I would love to do more of these.

Let me know if you liked it!

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