Brushes I think Everyone Needs

Brushes are a relatively new thing to the beauty industry, and are often overlooked which I think is such a pity! Your brushes are your tools and are often the only things that will work WITH you when doing your  makeup. I find that if a foundation is not sitting right, or eyeshadow isn’t blending it is because of the brush you are using. If you find the right ones they will be your best friend – and when you do, it will be your skin, foundations or eyeshadows that are the problem! Lol –  there is always something. I am going to strip it down the the bare minimum of brushes you need. Do not waste your money. Brushes are important but you don’t need 40 different ones. I use mostly Morphe Brushes because I think they are the best, and most affordable brushes. This is not sponsored.

Morphe Brushes – M433

This is a blending brush, made with goat hairs that will blend your eyeshadow seamlessly. I usually go in with my transition shade using this brush because it ensures it doesn’t go too high up in the crease and get too messy. It is tapered, so it is great for blending that initial shade into the crease. Because it is goat hair it will apply your product in a more sheer amount. This ensures you don’t go in with too much product at once – remember, it is easy to build but not as east to take away!!

Morphe Brushes – M441

This brush looks almost the exact same as the M433, but it is longer so has a TOTALLY different purpose. I use this to ensure there are no harsh lines left and usually use this with almost no product on it to ensure the look is very seamless and perfect. It is also a goat hair so it will apply product much more sheerly. When using these brushes it is very obvious that they have two different uses. This brush is much less firm so when applying product you have to be careful not to start too high up in the crease.

M.A.C Cosmetics – 242

This brush is great if you are applying any sort of pigment, or foiled eyeshadow. It is synthetic so it will pick up a huge amount of product, which will apply generously to your lid. I do not think that you have to spend 25 dollars on a brush. This type of brush can be bought loads of different brands, but I cannot recommend one as this is the only one I have. It is great though, especially if you are going for something very metallic, you can spray some Fix+ on this and it will make the product POP.

Morphe Brushes – M321

Do you ever wonder how to get that perfectly place eyeshadow under your eye? Why does it look like you have a black eye when you attempt it? It is because you do not have a brush like this! This brush is amazing for applying product under the eye. It is so precise and so easy to use, so nothing gets messy. It is tapered so it is very precise and is usually used for the crease, to get a perfectly defined crease. It is so versatile and THAT PRICE! Amazing brush.

Morphe Brushes – M439

This brush is absolutely amazing for applying foundation. It is super dense so it glides on your face perfectly, seamlessly blending your foundation into your skin. Honestly, it is the best foundation brush I have ever used. It is so affordable and versatile too. I use this to apply cream bronzers (my favourite being the Soleil Tan de Chanel). It is an incredible brush!

When it comes to powder, I have not found anything that has WOW’D me so i didn’t feel I should recommend you buy anything that isn’t amazing. I have ordered some powder brushes from a few different sites, so I will let you know how I feel about them.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you thought down below in the comments.

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