Making Yourself A Tanned Goddess

Hello lovelies! That greeting seems only appropriate considering this blog post is all about tan. As we are dragged away from the dark days of winter and are edging towards the sunny season (or as sunny as it can be in Ireland), we are left in the middle of Spring. The big question is…. should we be tanned??? Is it too soon to be a bronzed goddess… my answer? NEVER. So here are a few of my all-time favourite tans and why.

Bellamianta Luxury Tanning – Dark – Rapid Mousse

This is definitely an all-rounder for me. I use it in dark, so for those of you who just want an inner glow, you can wash it off after 2 hours and it will be perfect. It is perfect for nights out, or on holidays when you want to be that bit darker. It has a very golden-olive colour, which I absolutely love – you always want what you can’t have! It say ‘odour neutralising technology ‘ on the packaging, and at the start it does smell quite nice – but I will say if you don’t wash it off on time, it does have that ‘tan smell’. It is not as strong as others, but still is not odourless. There is also a Bellamianta tanning lotion  that I absolutely love, but I do prefer the wear off of the mousse. Also, it dries in 6 seconds, so you better have quick elbows to tan your body or you may be left streaky, haha!


bBold Tan Lotion – Dark

I love this tan because it is a lotion and for me, they feel much nicer on the skin. However, that is just personal preference. I also find lotions do not dry as quickly, which is great for tanning the hands. I always mix in some moisturiser when tanning my hands though, just so I don’t look like I was out on the farm for the day, haha! It has Cocoa Butter so the wear off is really really even and lasts SUCH a long time. Also, the Cocoa Butter is SO moisturising. There are antioxidants in the Vitamin E, which reduces the signs of premature ageing!! Win win! I really like the smell of this tan too!


Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan – Dark

Now I am SURE most of you have heard all about this tan! It is a mousse and develops in 1 hour, but you can leave it on for 3 if you want it to be very dark. The tan will still develop after you shower so don’t worry if you look much paler after you shower. I will say the smell is the worst thing about this product, but I can get over that because I love the colour of this tan. It never develops orange, or mucky. I love the more bronzed look, especially during the day because it looks more natural.


Cocoa Brown – Gentle Bronze

This tan is GORGEOUS for the face, which is the only place I usually wear it. I know other people apply it all over the body, which does look fab. However I am usually a lot darker on my body than my face because I wear makeup. It is oil free so does NOT block your pores or cause any break outs. I think that is what people are afraid of when it comes to tanning the face – the tiny pores being filled up and looking like you have tiny black dots all over your face. This does the exact opposite and moisturises your face while giving it a fab bronzed look.


Bare Minerals – GEN Nude  Buttercup Lipgloss

I know it can be really hard to find a nude that suits a very dark tan. It can look like you have no lips if it is too light, and a browny nude can often look dirty. I saw this on Jaclyn Hill’s Sephora Haul, hyperventilated, cried and bought it. I got it in the shade ‘Groovy’ and it is literally the best gloss I have ever used. I have never used such a moisturising gloss and there were a lot of questions about it on my Snapchat so I thought I would just mention it here. It goes perfect with tan, and in my opinion it is nicest without any liner or liquid lip. It is a peachy nude and will literally suit almost all skin tones! Fab!!!


Tanning Tips:

  1. Always exfoliate for 3-4 days before applying the tan for an even application.
  2. To have your tan last longer moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Use an oil free moisturiser so it does not break down the tan.
  3. Always pay extra attention the the hands, elbows, knees and ankles when tanning yourself – moisturise them very well so there is no build-up of tan!
  4. If you are looking for even more of a GLOW – use a dry shimmering body oil. There are many  ones on the market that are fab, but Cocoa Brown do a good colour range, with three different colours for different shades your tan may be at!
  5. DO wash off the product when it recommends on the bottle, because if you don’t you may spill something, sweat or get rained on (likely in Ireland) and ruin your tan.


Yours bronzedly,




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