Makeup Geek X MannyMUA Palette Review

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all are having a nice and relaxing evening, so you’re charged up for the week ahead…

The My Favourite Single Eyeshadows post was a very popular one, so I thought I’d do a review on one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes of all time! As you can see it is the eyeshadow palette from the Makeup Geek and MannyMUA collaboration. I know that most of the eyeshadows I have spoken about are from Makeup Geek, and I do apologise I will try to have more of a variety of eyeshadows in the future. I adore MannyMUA so I immediately fell in love with this palette, I probably would have bought it if it was empty tbh. But no, I really do love this palette and wanted to share it with you guys!

The first shade in the palette is Artemis. This is probably the only colour that I don’t use very often in the palette. I prefer frosty shades for my brow bone or inner corner, and this one has a yellow undertone which I don’t love for a highlighting shade for the eyes. However, I do appreciate that there is a variety in there, because with this palette you can do a full look (hundreds actually).


The next shade is Beaches and Cream. I absolutely love this shade. It is great as a transition shade in the crease. It is perfect for most skin tones, and it is not too dark – such a creamy shade too which I always love especially in a matte finish. It is always better to go in with a transition shade that is not too dark and to build it up in steps… Less chance of making mistakes! (which I am prone to).

LUNA!!!! Omg you guys I absolutely fell in LOVE with this shade the second I saw it. It is UNBELIEVABLY creamy, and there is minimal fallout, if any! I usually use it with Fix+ and the colour pay off is incredible – so metallic, creamy and bendable. My heart was absolutely broken though, because I dropped the palette and only that colour smashed 😦 But it is ok, I recovered most of the product and it’s perfect now!

The next shade is Cosmopolitan. It is a rose gold colour with a shimmery finish. I don’t usually like shimmers, I find they can look sort of tacky – its either GLITTER or matte for me. Don’t half-ass it! This colour is incredible all over the lid. I usually use M.A.C 242 to apply it, because it is synthetic so it picks up a lot of product.


Sora and Frappe are quite similar. Don’t get me wrong – you need both! I start from the lightest transition shade (beaches and cream) and build up from Sora to Frappe in the outer crease. These three shades alone can create a gorgeous natural matte look. They are also fab for a cut crease because they are warm, and don’t look muddy on the eye.

Insomnia – this shade seriously kept me up at night…. It is a duochrome shade. Depending on how the light hits it, it can look green, red/brown or blue!  3 in one??? Amazing! It is honestly one of the most buttery, creamy delicious shades I have ever used. I honestly think you could bathe in this colour and it would moisturise you. SO creamy… Moving on…

Left to right: Cosmopolitan, Luna, Insomnia, Mars

Mars – we have a love/hate relationship. This shade is THE most perfect shade of red I have ever used/seen. It really makes green eyes pop which is perfect for me. It is really pigmented BUT – It is not as creamy as the other mattes, which is so sad. However I don’t actually think it affects the blendability which is weird, but it does feel quite drying and chalky. I would still repurchase it if it came in a refill! (PLEASE DO REFILLS OF THESE SHADES MAKEUP GEEK)

Aphrodite is a deep plum red/brown. It is absolutely perfect for the outer crease. If you use this on the outer lash line, it will create that almond shape but is not as intense as black. Win-win! It is perfect for creating a more dramatic look, or just to add dimension to any look.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! I absolutely love this palette and use it almost every day. Please let me know what you think down below, or on snapchat: Basicchic17

Instagram: basicchicblog




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