Bucket List: 10 Things I Want To Do Before I’m 30

Hey guys! Today I wanted to do a bit of a different post. I absolutely love reading these kinds of posts (mainly because I am nosey) so I thought I’d write one myself.

1) Visit an exotic island

So this one is a bit of a random one. I would just love to visit a really cool island like Bora Bora, or Hawaii. I’d love to know if all those instas are realistic or just edited for hours… I really want to stay in one of those huts in the middle of the sea like on an episode of the Kardashians (wouldn’t we all??)


2) Swim with dolphins

I think dolphins are probably the cutest things in the world! My brother has done it before and I was so jealous. I actually have an obsession with cute fish, I think I have watched Finding Dory over 10 times already… I couldn’t count the amount of times I have seen Finding Nemo. (I also have a Nemo teddy) Anyway… what better way to swim with dolphins than on an exotic island (two in one!)


3) Become REALLY organised.

This is a pretty boring one… But also the most unrealistic one. I love buying notepads, and organising my makeup… but when it comes to my wardrobe and room I’m a disaster. I would love for just a while, to be on top of things. I’d also love to be less forgetful… That would be great. Don’t be fooled by pictures, its not all pretty all the time.


4) Visit/work in Warner Bros. Studio

This is one of the things I am most passionate about achieving. I absolutely love all the things that have been filmed in these studios. I write – a lot. Books, scripts, songs etc… so working here would be an absolute DREAM. However, I would definitely settle for just sitting in Central Perk and drinking a coffee. I visited Universal Studios in L.A a couple of years ago, and it is the buzz of creativity and ‘making’ that really makes me want to return. I absolutely love being creative and never want to be stuck at a job in an office. It just wouldn’t suit me. I always have to be creating. So yes, definitely on my bucket list.

5) Stay in a house in Long Island

No matter how long it takes me to save up for this one, I really want to stay for a week in a house by the beach in Long Island. I love the idea of staying somewhere close to a city like New York, but far enough away that there is fresh air and silence. The blissfulness of having it all. (is that a word?)


I have a serious obsession with going to Coachella. I don’t have much to say about this… but yeah. It has everything – perfect location, the sun, music – perfection.

7) Go Camping under the stars.

I may regret it once I get there, but I really want to go camping – properly. I want to camp under the stars, in a really cool place. I love the simplicity of it – the silence, packed lunches and a fire. Pure bliss. The dream. I would love to do it overlooking a city. Being in silence overlooking a city is a juxtaposing situation, but one that really appeals to me for some reason.

8) Drive Across America

This one has been a dream of mine since I first went to America with my Dad. I have been to the east and west coast, but everything in between is a mystery to me. There is so much history that goes with these states and I would just love to experience the culture of it. I think there is something special about driving through somewhere, instead of landing on a plane.  Often if you fly somewhere I find that all the attractions are concentrated in a specific area. I want to drive because seeing the outskirts of a state or city really tells you the real story. You get to see the state, from corner to corner, uncensored.

9) Go to see a ice-hockey match in Canada

I know, you are probably thinking ‘What? That is so random!’ Not really… My brother lived in Canada for two years and adopted a new found love for the sport. He supported the Canucks, and still watches them now. Well, my whole family got to visit him while he was over there, but unfortunately I was in an exam year and didn’t get the chance. I would love to go to one of these matches, because even if I never get to see his apartment or how he lived, I think the atmosphere in the stadium would be a taste of his life there. Plus – how cool would it be to watch someone playing a sport on ice, I can’t even do it on grass.

10) Live in New York for a year

Lastly but DEFINITELY not least. I would love to live here for even a year. I won’t babble on too long with this one because you know I have spoken about New York enough on the blog! I want to experience it, it in all its glory – on the bad and the good days! I can’t say that the life of New York is a mystery to me, but I would love to spend some time in Brooklyn or Dumbo.


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