‘No makeup’ makeup look


Hey gals, hope you are all enjoying the week. Since it is International Women’s Day I decided to strip it back for this post. As I have always said, these tips and reviews are all just a cherry on top of the cake that is you. These tips are to make you feel the best that you can feel. Having certain products doesn’t define your beauty and I think that is where social media can go astray. I love blogging, but I do not love everything about it. What I mean is, I never want to perceive that I have this perfect life, and perfect skin because of all these products because I don’t. And neither does your favourite Youtube or Blogger. Having said that, I am here to share with you my tips to make myself feel the best that I can feel. So kick back, grab a cup of tea, and I hope you enjoy my blog 🙂

I know some of the beauty tips/information can get quite overwhelming especially for those of you who have no interest in a whole face of makeup, and who rather a ‘glow from within.’ If that girl is you, or you’re the type of girl that likes full makeup, but doesn’t wear it every day keep reading…

Coming into the summer months, I always think this type of look is so flattering and girly. I love when the days get longer and you can taste the summer, just a few weeks away.


  1. Skin

You should always, always cleanse and moisturise your face first thing in the morning. Not only will it give you a clean glow but it will give you a fresh start to the day. I did a post on ‘how i prep my skin’ HERE. It will ensure your skin is glowing and looking awake.

Using an illuminating primer will make the skin look healthy and will highlight it ‘naturally.’ I absolutely LOVE the Becca Backlight Priming Filter. I apply it to my cheeks, centre of the forehead, my nose and chin. This is where the light usually hits the face first so you will look like a glowing goddess in no time!

If you are still looking a bit tired and have bags under your eyes i would suggest a light concealer. I use the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer. It is very creamy, but if you set it with a powder under the eyes it won’t budge. I know you’re thinking powder??? That won’t make me look glow??? But if you spray a bit of Fix+ over top, you are good to go. Fix+ is like a glass of water for your skin. It is so refreshing and will not only make you look refreshed but it will make you feel refreshed. I do not think that any type of contouring or bronzing is necessary for this type of look, your own natural shaped face is contour enough!

Bonus for the divas:

If you are looking to go that EXTRA step, you can use a cream highlight that makes the skin glow that bit more. I love the Becca Cosmetics Cream Highlighters. They are just a little bit softer than the powder highlighters and look very dewy and healthy.


2. Lips:

Depending on your skin tone, a gloss is usually best for these types of days. You may need to reapply it throughout the day if you choose a gloss, but it looks absolutely gorgeous with this look. I would suggest a very neutral shade if you’re not sure of what would suit you. The Bare Minerals GEN NUDE Gloss are fab!!

3. Eyes:

Pop a bit of mascara on, any one that you are dedicated to will do. I never apply a second layer when doing this look, because it can get very clumpy and look well… unnatural, haha! If you wanted to take it to the next level, you can pop on some individual lashes to give your eyes a pop (though this is not necessary!).

I know this one is a short one, but it was highly requested over on Snapchat. I will try and do some more of these types of posts if you enjoyed it! Please let me know over on my social media:

Instagram: basicchicblog

Snapchat: basicchic17




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