‘No makeup’ makeup look

  Hey gals, hope you are all enjoying the week. Since it is International Women's Day I decided to strip it back for this post. As I have always said, these tips and reviews are all just a cherry on top of the cake that is you. These tips are to make you feel the … Continue reading ‘No makeup’ makeup look


Brushes I think Everyone Needs

Brushes are a relatively new thing to the beauty industry, and are often overlooked which I think is such a pity! Your brushes are your tools and are often the only things that will work WITH you when doing your  makeup. I find that if a foundation is not sitting right, or eyeshadow isn't blending … Continue reading Brushes I think Everyone Needs

Why I travelled across the country twice in one month.

Hello, hello - apologies for the lack of blog posts I have had  a hectic couple of days to say the least! Traveling up and going to college in Dublin can seriously take its toll! In the last few weeks our family have gotten two new puppies, Riley and Bailey Then just the other day … Continue reading Why I travelled across the country twice in one month.


I honestly feel like Snapchat has taken over social media totally. I for one totally depend on Snapchat for the daily updates on both my friends and my favourite bloggers/snapchatters. I just love how real and unfiltered it is, unlike Instagram or Facebook these days, two apps that are being opened less and less each … Continue reading MY TOP 5 FAVOURITE SNAPCHATTERS

16, Irish and in New York – The Truth

Happy Monday everyone! Lets get the week off to a good start and share some honest opinions on my experience while studying in New York. 1) Remembering The Basics Isn't this what we have parents for?! I for one found it so strange having to walk into a shop and buy, well... adult things! Soap, … Continue reading 16, Irish and in New York – The Truth